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    Energy and Utilities Consulting


    The future of Energy and utilities is digital. Discover how we're helping electricity, gas and water companies enable transformation for value and new growth.
    Energy and utility companies are rapidly innovating around smart grids, sensor-based equipment, sustainable energy and seamless channels of customer engagement. At the same time, they’re modernizing legacy IT environments with new cloud applications. Gaining the most from these investments depends on fast, flexible integration to ensure data can be shared across the enterprise for automation and analytics.

    Our world runs on utilities. That's why our utility consulting group helps companies, including electricity, gas and water, reinvent their businesses to accelerate performance and drive future value and growth. We combine our deep utilities industry expertise with digital innovation and leading-edge technology to bring unique end-to-end services to clients. Whether in power generation and transmission and distribution to energy retail and enterprise functions, our clients are proving there's nothing companies can't do through the power of digital.

    There is an oil and gas transformation underway. Whether it is investing in renewable gas, digitizing operations or mastering technologies like AI and IoT, leaders today must reinvent their DNA to transform, grow and adapt to succeed. That's where we come in. our consultants enable oil and gas companies to turn digital disruptions into solutions for competitive advantage. Placing our citizens at the centre will help guide the changes needed, while at the same time help earn their trust to sustain and grow in an increasingly complex business landscape.

    Increase operational efficiency

    Bridge the gap across data silos to streamline operations, heighten visibility and reduce costs. Build seamless workflows to synchronize how you manage energy generation, equipment, financials and customers.

    Modernize and innovate

    Accelerate IT modernization by sharing data across modern cloud applications and mission-critical legacy systems. Integrate IoT data from operational systems, smart grids, smart homes and more to optimize delivery and maintenance.

    Improve customer engagement

    Integrate applications and data to meet B2C and B2B customer expectations for a retail-like experience. Create new online, mobile and social channels of engagement while improving service and support.

    • We have expertise team on all Energy and Utility business needs using Dell Boomi, Mulesoft, SAP CPI, Salesforce etc..

    • Have technical skills on API, B2B, A2A, EDI, MDM/Hub, Flow/BPM, Queue/JMS .

    • Right now we are working for 3 trusted clients with 40 certified experts holding 12 live projects.

    • We have done 10 Innovative POC's.

    • We have a rapid increase in the overall company growth from 2017.



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