Developers are continuously trying to integrate cloud technology into business in numerous ways which can ultimately result in benefitting business activities. People having “cloud on their mind” have been lured by the vast promise associated with cloud computing.

There are legitimate reasons behind the fact that many industries have been slow to adopt cloud software. For instance, day traders and health care practitioners may not have the freedom to move client records over to public cloud storage. Additionally, a business relying on outdated legacy software may face a difficult cloud integration process compared to a business with more agile software. Now, cloud software offer solutions that work to make the cloud a realistic and game-changing opportunity for all industries, working with the unique needs and desires of every company

There are industries that have been very resistant to the change that cloud computing has brought simply because it does not provide the very specific needs that a vertical market organization such as a financial or medical institution needs. Vertical here simply means that it is very specific and would rarely overlap with other industries in terms of needs, regulations and processes.