What is Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM Provides A Complete Solution For That Includes Feature-rich Solutions For Marketing, Sales, Services, Partner Management And Community Management.


CRM Is Originally Software For Managing Customer Interaction, Such As Scheduling Tasks, Emailing, Texting, And Many More.

Salesforce Grew Into A Cloud Software Solution And Acquired Several Other Companies For Paas(platform As A Service) And Saas (Software As A Service).


Different sets of Clouds in Salesforce:


Salesforce is divided into different sets of tools referred to as “clouds”:

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Community Cloud

Wave Analytics

Apps and Programs

IoT Cloud

Benefits of using Salesforce:

Low cost, low-risk cloud-based solution software service to buy.

It Supports all the Browsers.

Complete solution includes a feature-rich solutions for marketing, sales, service, partner management, and community management.

Fast result because it drains resources on high value, low cost and focuses on innovation.

Salesforce requires no software to install.

There are no hardware requirements either.

What makes Salesforce ideal for you?

It’s a cloud-based CRM solution.

Low setup costs. No hardware, no software, no hassle.

Automatic upgrades: 3 times a year.

Out-of-the-box and customizable CRM to run your business in one place.

Scales with your business. Add users when you need to.

Integrate with best-in-class apps.

Enterprise-level cloud security for businesses of any size.

It helps increase sales.


Author:  Manideep

Salesforce Developer

EasyStepIn LLC.

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