Is Your Organization Data Safe


 Above is the question asked by many organizations. In the 21st-century data security is very important because “Data is the new oil”. This data is a boon and a curse, when it is used well it can help to make a huge difference in the world around us.

What is Data?


Data are individual units of information. Strictly speaking, data is the plural of datum, a single piece of information. In practice, however, people use data as both the singular and plural form of the word, and as a mass noun.

How to secure data?

 1. Data classification

 Classification is the foundation of data security. It helps in prioritizing the assets the company needs to protect data.

2. Data access policies

 Providing the right amount of data access to individual users is crucial for data protection.  Only the key member of the team should handle secure data.

3. Cloud data protection

 Encrypting sensitive data and sorting in the cloud makes the system backups safer. And help to make access data easier.

4. Two-factor authentication

 Two-factor authentication is a useful way to preventing the attacker from getting access to the user’s account.

 Even after trying to secure the data all the above-mentioned ways, hackers find other ways to access the data from source systems like Distributed denial of service.  One way to avoid this is by securing data using Blockchain technology

What is Blockchain?

“The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” – Don & Alex Tapscott

 A Blockchain is, simple in the term, a time-stamped series of immutable records of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not owned by any single entity. Each of these blocks of data is secured and bound to each other using cryptographic.

 The Blockchain network has no central authority. It is the very definition of a democratized system.

Top Blockchain platform

1. Ethereum

  After Bitcoin, if there is something that has created a buzz in the market, then its Ethereum. Vitalk Buterin founded it in the year 2014.

  Ethereum is one of the highly active and open-source Blockchains, which also forms the base for the development of other applications.

 2. Hyperledger Fabric

  This is one of the most recently developed Blockchain platform the world got to know about Hyperledger in the year 2016. Linux Foundation made it. Its objective is to boost the use of Blockchain technologies across different industries.

 3. IBM Blockchain

 It is the pioneer company to venture into the blockchain, so that it can create a platform for transparent business operations. IBM has a separate division which is only focusing on creating Blockchain-based applications. IBM boasts about a more efficient consent mechanism which has made it garner the attention of many.


 BlockChain reshapes the data related industry, it helps to secure the data in on-premise and cloud. The amount of data is growing fast every day and the technology which needs to secure this data should also improve.

 To conclude, Data is a weapon it needs to be protected even it is a small amount or large.


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