It is traditionally assumed that the customers must know exactly what kind of software they need, the manner in which it is to be developed and maintained, etc. We believe that this is unnecessary. The first thing to do is simply contact us to express your ideas about the desired product. Our specialists analyze your business objectives, share the vision of the future solution, and prepare a business proposal.


In Short, Agile methodology follows below things

Sprint planning
Daily Standup Meeting
Weekly Status Meeting with clients

Suppose the sprint release-1 planned for four weeks.

1-Week:- Requirement Gathering and Analysis
2,3-Week:- Designing and Development
4-Week:- Testing and Maintenance.

Pre-project analysis

EffectiveSoft specialists render competent assistance in the preparation of the basis for further development of a custom solution. The analysis process includes:

  • Business Analysis
  • System Specification

In addition to the deep understanding of the particulars of your business area, our analysts are programming experts. Our specialists will help you analyze your idea comprehensively, consider the most favorable project options for your business objectives, bring the idea to perfection, and create the optimal informational solution.

To project the most appropriate software solution, system specification is absolutely necessary. This crucial documentation is prepared by our system analysts and the most experienced developers. They conduct accurate analysis for the future system, meeting all the security, performance, and functionality requirements.