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The 4 Elements That Make Great Company Culture

One bad hire can affect an entire department and possibly dozens of customers. And it can happen quickly, acting like a virus that spreads. The employees will talk about the bad hire; and if action isn’t taken, it can get much worse.

The reason why we’ve built a company is because I think a company is by far the best way to get the best people together and align their incentives around doing something great.

Companies have greater success when employees are given this type of freedom that isn’t ruled by a hierarchy, assuming they’re talented employees who fit the culture. Knowing that good decisions can come from anywhere and expanding employee freedom are cornerstones of attracting talented individuals who will fit into the culture if you let them.

Teams work together on all work related projects and help where necessary. It doesn’t matter who gets credit for what because you accomplish everything together. You’re knit together, not separated.
Teams work best when everyone is on board, feeding off each other, and playing together.