Disruption is upending traditional insurance markets. Online comparison shopping sites have made it easy for consumers to select policies across multiple providers, triggering the risk of churn and lost revenue. Insurance companies need to capitalize on customer data for cross-selling and up-selling their policies and services. And they need greater agility for driving digital transformation, responding to regulatory changes, and streamlining M&A activity. These objectives depend on accessing and integrating diverse sets of data.

Increase stickiness and sales

Understand your customers and anticipate their needs with data integration across lines of business. Use unified customer profiles for cross-sell and up-sell with personalized marketing for home, auto, life, annuities, health or other policies.

Improve regulatory compliance

Increase visibility and data access to meet ever-changing regulatory requirements. Refine risk management practices and protect data privacy with an enterprise-class framework for data integration, governance and quality.

Pursue digital transformation

Digital transformation can't happen with siloed applications that don't communicate. Connect legacy and cloud systems for insights and breakthrough efficiencies. Swiftly integrate acquired companies and open new channels of customer engagement.