Google Cloud Platform allows businesses and developers to power their own applications and services with the same industry-leading infrastructure that powers Google's own services. Google Cloud Platform consists of a number of different products that provide Platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Database as a service (DaaS) solutions for application hosting, workload processing, data storage, data analysis, and more.

Google App Engine is a PaaS that is used for developing and hosting scalable web applications. With Google App Engine it is easy to create an application and serve it to your users. Just write your application, test it on your local machine, upload it to Google, and App Engine will provide reliable, scalable hosting for your application.


Google Compute Engine is an IaaS that is used to run large-scale computing workloads on the extremely fast Linux virtual machines in Google's data centers.

Google Cloud Storage is an IaaS online file storage web service that allows companies to store data on Google's cloud storage infrastructure. The service provides organizations with a scalable, cost-effective data storage that has the same functionality, reliability and security that Google has spent years developing and refining for internal data storage.

Google Cloud SQL is a DaaS that provides fully-managed SQL databases that are hosted in Google's cloud. Cloud SQL allows companies to create and use SQL databases that are fully managed in Google's cloud. Google Cloud SQL is very similar to MySQL (it has a few additional features and a few unsupported features), and is a great relational database solution to use in conjunction with Google App Engine due to the tight integration between the two products.